Subject: Re: xntpd
To: None <>
From: Jesus M. Gonzalez <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1996 14:29:34
>	Suggestion: Since a lot (heh...) of software uses "install" to
>create directories and install files, it might be viable to extend the
>functionality of "install"... At a minimum, it should be trivial to
>make "install" create a list of what it does; this could then be
>processed to give packing lists and scripts for creating a package and
>uninstalling it.

	We are dealing with that by installing as much as possible
under one directory. For instance, perl lives under 
/usr/local/install/perl-5.000. It has its bin. man, etc there.
Once you have things that way, it becomes even more convenient telling
pkg_create how to pack "everithing under directroy foo". We've
done that by using a simple perl script that parses a
pkg-like config file, with some additions, and creates a
true pkg config file. Later on, you use the pkg_create.
For instance, gnat-2.07 (an Ada compiler based on GCC) has a config
file as small as:

@name gnat-2.07
@expand_dir usr/local/install/gnat-2.07
@srcdir .

	Of course, with "usual" packages, you should also provide
links or shel scripts residing in /usr/local/bin, and modifications
to man.conf... We still haven't an automated way of dealing with that.

	The Perl script is very simple, and of course is available
to whoever want it. Just drop me a line. BTW, ti shouldn't be that
difficult to integrate its functionality into pkg_create, if
somebody is interested...


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