Subject: Pine & NetBSD
To: Mark Crispin <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1996 01:04:15
	I would like to apologies to the pine team for the impression 
	they may have recieved that NetBSD users do not appreciate their 

	I know a lot of us are very greatful for them making pine publicly
	available, and for taking on the extra work of supporting ports and
	users not used within their university.

	I have introduced pine into three organisations and in each it
	has been well received & popular with virtually all users.

	If there is a pine team address to which alcoholic beverages can
	be sent I would be more than prepared to donate a bottle of a
	named spirit :)

	(Apologies if some people find this mail excessively `nice', but
	I wish I could find more programs as well suited to their task
	as pine)
		  David/abs 		(

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