Subject: Re: xntpd
To: Mike Long <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/02/1996 19:01:25
>>I don't see what's wrong with the existing package installer... Granted,
>>it's not in the tree which it probably should be... I haven't read the 
>>1.1 docs but I imagine it says in there somewhere that there are packages
>>available and where they're located...
>I think pkg_add and friends should become part of othersrc.  They're
>quite small; the gzip'd tarball for the lot is ~34k.

I really don't like the install tools.  I think before something goes
into the tree (implying support) they should be rewritten.

>AFAIK BETSI certificates are optional.  If you don't want to figure
>them out, then don't.

The only reason BETSI is handy is as a trusted third party.  Use plain
old PGP if you want to -- I do.

>Probably a greater disincentive is having to track down all of the
>little files something installs in order to create a .pkg file.


>Agreed, but packages save time.  Just because I *can* figure out how
>to build X11R6 from source doesn't mean that I *want* to do so.

And I for one would like an expanded user base -- and that means some
short-term clu-less users.  :)  Most people who use any form of unix
gain clue as time goes on, but we have to be somewhat attractive for
them to even consider NetBSD.


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