Subject: Re: anyone using nsswitch, or would like it `in the tree'?
To: None <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/01/1996 23:02:37
Luke Mewburn said:

>A while ago I released an alpha of my nsswitch code(*). I've received a
>bit of positive feedback on it, but I have a couple of questions
>regarding the release of it:

>(+) objections based purely on "it sucks, the `+' in the passwd file
>    method is better, nyah nyah" >/dev/null. I don't care about you
>    luddites, and you can get that behaviour anyway by specifying
>    "compat" as the source.

I have a LOT of experience with nsswitch.conf on Solaris 2.x.

It is very nice, except that I find it hard to get the junior
sysadmins to remember to copy over the official version.

When set up correctly on a busy network it can be a boon to keeping
unnecessary traffic down.  When set up incorrectly it is more trouble
than it is worth.
Rick Kelly