Subject: Re: apcmon (was Re: UPS hookup)
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Terry Moore <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1995 22:04:31
> 	We have 4 BEST UPSs.  When I phone them about a demon, I asked
> if they gave out source since several of the computers that are
> protected were not listed in their literature.  They were happy to
> send a source code 'kit' (which includes a serial cable and some 9-25
> adaptors).  I asked the guy on the phone if I needed to purchase 4
> kits or if one would do.  He said that one was just fine.
> 	The code itself has a copyright notice on it.  The kits are
> rather expensive (~$80, I think).  However, since I didn't sign
> anything, I would assume that I could reverse engineer it w/o penalty.
> Things I've noticed in the code:

>>> stuff omitted.

We also use BEST UPSs (the microFerrUPS varieties); have had them since 1991 
with no problems.  We liked them so well we became a dealer.  We have 
had several power transients (one due to a car hitting a utility pole
outside the building, others due to electrical storms),  which caused 
permanent damage to unprotected equipment; the stuff on the BEST units
was protected as advertised.

I have a copy of their application note "TIP501", "The RS232 Communication
Port".  It is copyright 1991, but has no other proprietary markings.
This manual describes the command set for talking to the UPS
via the RS-232 port in excruciating detail.  I've used it for reference,
and it has proven to be quite accurate 

It's easy to contact BEST directly; the toll-free
number is 1-800-356-5794.  If anyone would like, I will be happy to 
attempt to obtain an up-to-date version and transmit it to interested
parties.  The "F" command is documented in detail, as are all the other
commands of the UPS.  

The BEST command set is interesting in its own right
if you're curious about your power line -- it will display output V
curves, output I curves, and information about your last few power outages.

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