Subject: Re: NetBSD V1.1
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/24/1995 13:00:59
>However, it appears everything didn't quite get back to normal after
>the move.  Hopefully, he can get the logistics worked
>out with the sup maintainers in time to bring everything back up to
>speed.  Then, I would recommend beating to your
>heart's content. :-)

Since I no longer work for the comp center I don't have as much access
to the admin tools to run the server.  Every change I've made to the
system when I worked for the cc to improve performance is now biting
me in the ass.  :)

I think I have things set up so I can mirror.  I am mirroring the
following collections into the following directories via FTP to

	mirror/mailing-lists	pub/netbsd/mailing-lists
	mirror/current		pub/netbsd/NetBSD-current
	mirror/1.0		pub/netbsd/NetBSD-1.0
and as soon as there is a sup release set up for 1.1, it'll be
	mirror/1.1		pub/netbsd/NetBSD-1.1

Also, these are all on AFS under the prefix


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