Subject: Re: andrew FS client?
To: Travis Hassloch <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/1995 21:41:49
>Hey I was just reading in the new "dinosaur book" (Silberschatz) about
>the Andrew FS and was wondering if there is a client for NetBSD.
>It appears to need some low-level interface due to the fact it caches
>namei() lookups (a Good Thing, IMHO) and thus must interact on the inode
>level, and I was wondering if that kind of interface was available in NetBSD.

I _believe_ (but could be wrong) that an old version of the Andrew FS is
freely available; I don't know if anyone has ported it to NetBSD.

AFS is now a commercial product by Transarc, Inc, and unfortunately costs
big bucks :-(.  If you're lucky enough to have a site that _does_ have AFS
and they've purchased a source license, you can get a client for some of the
architectures that NetBSD is available on (I don't see a AFS client for
NetBSD/pc532, NetBSD/vax, or NetBSD/pmax).  Ask you AFS site contact to get
it from the contrib area in the transarc cell.

The client package consists of a kernel loadable module, cache manager daemons,
and user programs.  The instructions are pretty easy to follow, and everything
you need is included.

I use it nearly every day; haven't had a single problem with it.

(Server code doesn't exist, but IMHO since the hard stuff has already been
done, it shouldn't be too bad to get it working, if you have all the right