Subject: Re: andrew FS client?
To: Travis Hassloch <>
From: Greg Hudson <ghudson@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/1995 18:15:38
> Hey I was just reading in the new "dinosaur book" (Silberschatz)
> about the Andrew FS and was wondering if there is a client for
> NetBSD.

Yes, it's available in the contrib area at  It's based
on the commercial Transarc sources, so it's only available to Transarc
site licensees.

> It appears to need some low-level interface due to the fact it
> caches namei() lookups (a Good Thing, IMHO) and thus must interact
> on the inode level, and I was wondering if that kind of interface
> was available in NetBSD.

Caching namei() lookups is not a problem.  An inode number is just an
identifier for a file; storing a mapping between pathnames and inode
numbers doesn't interact badly with the VFS interface at all.  (You
have to worry about cache consistency, of course, but that's what AFS
is all about.)

Note that an AFS inode number is not the same as the corresponding
inode number on the remote disk.  The AFS server does play around with
inodes in an unethical manner, but that's because of access control
lists, not namei caching.  The AFS server is not available for NetBSD,
and it would reportedly be difficult to port because there aren't
enough spare inode fields in the BSD 4.4 FFS to hold the access
control list information used by the AFS server.