Subject: Re: Drive Numbering...
To: Peter Galbavy <>
From: Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/1995 09:45:03
#define AUTHOR " (Peter Galbavy)"

 * Agreed with both of you. Why not do something else. Check the last mounted
 * directory, and if it is different to where things are now, then bomb out,
 * as if "fsck -p" had failed, and let the user deal with it. This, of course,
 * should be optional, since some people hate machines not rebooting cleanly
 * by themselves. But would you want it to boot cleanly if one of the drives
 * had gone ?
 * Maybe this:
 * # mount /dev/sd4g /disk12
 * /dev/sd4g last mounted on /disk11
 * Remount on disk12 ? Are you sure ? y
 * #
 * Or use the -f flag otherwise...
 * # mount -f /dev/sd4g /disk12

I thought the '-f' flag meant "fake an mtab entry", i.e. don't actually
mount it, but put an mtab entry in as though it had been mounted?

[ I should probably check the source/manpage for this; it's probably changed]

Neat idea, though.

 * # 
 * etc etc.
 * One area that would be fun is installation. Maybe a flag to "umount" that
 * say where the disk *will* be mounted next:
 * # umount -r /usr /a/usr
 * /dev/sdXX will be valid as /usr next mount
 * #

That would be cute.

 * Now whatI realy want is what SunOS ODS doesn't do, but I am told that AIX
 * and IRIX do, which is to uniquely label components of a ccd so that they
 * can be "accidentally" renumbered (read: moved onto another SCSI bus) and
 * don't get errored or, worse, trashed.

This would be VERY beneficial, although the CCD driver should probably
check individual disk header checksums or some such in order to handle

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