Subject: Re: Drive Numbering...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Frank Dana <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/17/1995 12:31:44
With Shakespearian flourish, Chris G Demetriou writes:

> perhaps it'd make sense to mandate kernel source installs, and
> automatically build a custom kernel for people...

Eeep! As someone whose only link to the outside world is one 880k
floppy drive and a 9600 baud (when it works) CSLIP link, can I humbly
say that THIS IDEA SUCKS!  8)

(Sorry, but it gets the point across.)  <grin>

I feel sort of responsible for this mess--my question sparked off the
whole discussion. (Which I have observed in greater-than-full detail.
Could everyone PLEASE stop CC:'ing every reply to me? It's not like I'm
not on the list...) I didn't realize that you could tie the numbers down
in your config file. That being the cae, I think the current GENERIC
kernel works well for its purpose.

Might I suggest, as an alternative, that wthe install docs include a
section of "post-installation configs" or something. A section that
discusses your next steps in setting up NetBSD--the system's been run-
ning for a week, everything works OK, and now you want to advance in
the World Of NetBSD. (Can you hear the cheezy echo?)  8)

Things like:
	* Rebuilding the kernel
	* Obtaining full sources
		* FTP
		* SUP
		* CDs?
	* Obtaining X11R?
	* etc, etc, etc...

"Of course, that's just my opinion; I could be wrong" -Dennis Miller

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