Subject: Re: fine-tunable swap (was Re: Drive numbering...)
To: Mark W. Eichin <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/17/1995 10:34:05
> (Really, what you want is what Apollo Domain/OS had -- as a side
> effect of other parts of the Multics-inspired design, free disk
> could be consumed for swapping just as easily as for files, and
> returned dynamically as well...)

Actually [speaking from experience] the Domain/OS model has its own
problems -- when your disk is full, you're also out of swap space;
when you're out of swap space, your disk is full... having these two
resource exhaustion disasters inevitably synchronized makes having a
full disk on a running system an, umm, "exciting" experience.

You really need some sort of hard limit on how much space on your disk
partition can be consumed by dynamicly-allocated swap space and "real"
file space; HP-UX "file system swap" does something like this.

					- Bill