Subject: Re: fine-tunable swap (was Re: Drive numbering...)
To: None <>
From: Jake Hamby <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/16/1995 17:33:42
On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure wrote:

> I've suddenly seen the issue of swap come up (again).  I think this was
> one of those things about SVRx that actually impressed me when it was
> working (in development I can't even count how many crashes I could cause
> by saying 'swap -d $DEVICE' :-).  Dynamically tunable swap would be
> *really* nice.
> [...]

Yes, this is a great idea.  But don't forget that, if you have /tmp 
mounted on swap, then your left over swap space is like a big RAM disk, 
so it isn't "really" wasted.  Besides, even though you can swap to a 
file, swapping to a dedicated partition is going to be a bit faster normally.