Subject: Re: fine-tunable swap (was Re: Drive numbering...)
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/16/1995 09:39:57
I've suddenly seen the issue of swap come up (again).  I think this was
one of those things about SVRx that actually impressed me when it was
working (in development I can't even count how many crashes I could cause
by saying 'swap -d $DEVICE' :-).  Dynamically tunable swap would be
*really* nice.

The ability to swap to a file is nice, too.  It would be even nicer
if one did not have to declare a vnd in order to achieve this.

For example, StunOS was able to achieve swapping to a file without much

Combine the two thoughts, and you have a fine-tunable paging system.
It would certainly be nice to have the ability to establish how much
swap you *really* need (and how little you can get away with), instead
of doing the 'by guess and by golly' method of 1:1.1 physmem:swap.

In addition, although one can add swap in the case of extreme temporary
activity, to be able to delete swap (without rebooting) would be nice
to be able to do.

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