Subject: Re: serial related crash
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/15/1995 20:36:43
>> > I'm running a Netbsd 1_1_Alpha Kernel on an i386 @ 20Mhz.  The serial port
>> > is a Hayes ESP card, which works flawlessly.
>> > The other day I wanted to make ppp redial, so I just flipped power to the
>> > external modem off.  The machine responded by locking solid.  No errors,
>> > no pings, no disk activity, no network activity; required punching the res

>> I lose my entire X session if I perform this trick....
>> Running PPP on a P133 1.1_Alpha Hayes ESP card running at 115200.

I have *never* lost my X session because of this -- it either
completely locks the machine, or everything continues to work
normally.  I suspect you might be seeing something different.

>I'm still on 1.0A on my i486, talking PPP at 38400 to a 16550 on a
>multi function card, and I've had the modem drop out quite a few times,
>and I just restart pppd and continue on as if nothing happened at all -
>no lost rlogins/telnets/X sessions.
>Not quite your config (no ESP card) or symtoms (power off vs. dropout),
>but just my experiences...

Nope, this does not qualify.  I probably get hundreds of drop-outs a
month.  They never cause badness.

It only happens when I power the (external) modem off and back on.
And it doesn't happen every time, only occasionally.

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