Subject: Re: apcmon (was Re: UPS hookup)
To: Simon J. Gerraty <>
From: Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/15/1995 09:49:19
#define AUTHOR " ("Simon J. Gerraty")"

 * > Is a special cable need for these?  Will NULL or striaght thru cable work?
 * As far as I know, a special cable _is_ required.
 * The APC user manual is full of warnings about using the correct cable.
 * My UPS came with power-chute bundled so I have the cable.
 * While waiting for my UPS to arrive, I tried using a normal cable and
 * an rs232 break out box to see what I could see on one of the UPS's at
 * work.  I managed to power off the UPS :-)
 * Page 27 shows pinouts (of sorts) for the DB9 connector, how this
 * relates to rs232 I'm not sure.  But with the correct cable the host
 * sees a simple rs232 connection.
 * My UPS is being monitored by my sun386 as zen didn't have a spare
 * serial port... so the script works on _anything_ :-)

It seems to me that what would be more useful in this situation than a
breakout box would be a continuity tester.  Doesn't take much to figure
out which wires go where.

Don't forget to run the continuity tester on different pins on the SAME
side of the cable as well, as some of them may be looped.

I don't think it's illegal to debug something so obvious as a cable --
there's no truly hidden engineering there other than the wires go somewhere
else than expected.

 * --sjg

#undef AUTHOR	/* " ("Simon J. Gerraty")" */

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