Subject: Re: serial related crash
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: Randy Terbush <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/15/1995 08:50:04
> >The other day I wanted to make ppp redial, so I just flipped power to the
> >external modem off.  The machine responded by locking solid.  No errors,
> >no pings, no disk activity, no network activity; required punching the reset
> >button.  This is the sort of thing I used to see when I was using SLIP and
> >a set of nasty scripts to bring up and maintain the slip line.
> I've seen exactly the same behavior, occasionally.  Every now and then
> my modem will get in a funky state, and I'll just reach over and flip
> it off, then back on.  This used to be a painless fix.  Since
> upgrading from 1.0 to current, however, it can cause these lockups.
> (Yes, I'm running with my ESP-patched com.c driver now, but I'm almost
> positive that it did it even with the stock driver.)

I am *not* running with your ESP driver and still have problems.
My problems (Window manager dies) can be caused simply by loss
of PPP connection. The Xserver is still running, but all windows
have died.

Related to similar funky network things....  I ran a probe from tkined
(network editor/monitor) and got responses from all kinds of addresses
that I don't have configured. I own a whole network block and am 
presently using about 10 of them.  Not sure why this would happen,