Subject: Drive Numbering...
To: Frank Dana <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/15/1995 10:18:30
>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Dana <> writes:

Frank> Could we puh-leeeeze get the device numbering set up so that it
Frank> at least sorta reflects physical ID numbers? Or, at the very
Frank> least, doesn't change if you add/remove anywhere but the end of
Frank> the ID chain?

Frank> Something to chat about for 1.2.  8)

	I'd have to agree on this point.  Many other UN*Xen use
something like c201d3s0 to be the device for SCSI address 3 sub 0
(201 is some form of hardware path) that our HP here uses.

	Worse, IMHO, is the fact that you might have to recompile your
kernel to change what drives you're swapping to.  'Course we really
need an overhaul there, too, to add file swapping and the ability to
add/subtract swap.


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