Subject: Re: NCR driver ** AGAIN **
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: Alec H. Peterson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/14/1995 15:52:13
Olaf Seibert writes:
>I'm not sure if the following is relevant, but here it is anyway.  One
>of the machines under my system management is a lot like this (as in,
>pentium + NCR PCI 53c810 scsi controller, and ISA ethernet card 3c509)
>and it is having weird trouble with Windows NT. "Spontaneous" reboots,
>NT equivalent of kernel panic, that sort of stuff. This happens during
>a compilation of source on a networked drive so there is a lot of
>network usage and moderate to very heavy cpu usage.

I have also experienced problems just like this on my box that is
running NetBSD 1.0.  The machine up until about 4 days ago had been
running flawlessly (this is our news server, which sees a whole lot of
disk and network activity).

One difference from the first problem that was reported to this list
was that a warm reboot does fix the problems on our news box.

Anyone have any light to shed on this?  



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