Subject: Boot Numbers (was Re: NCR driver ** AGAIN **)
To: Charlie Root <>
From: Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/14/1995 09:43:10
#define AUTHOR " (Charlie Root)"

 * This neccesitates a cold boot - warm boots
 * hang when the boot sequence gets to the second number in the 
 * 8768765+874543874+9874654... sequence at boot. (Can someone tell me
 * what these numbers are?  Is the second one swap? Am I stupid?)

Well, according to /sys/arch/$ARCH/boot/boot.c, size numbers are:

Size: TEXT+DATA+BSS+[syms+debugging_syms]

	TEXT = the program's text space (i.e. executable code)
	DATA = initialized data
	BSS  = stack/heap space%
	syms = debugging symbol table
	debugging_syms = more debug symbols?

% traditionally, BSS meant "block start of segment" or some such.  It's
  uninitialized (but cleared) data space; I always thought that was its
  stack/heap space.  I could be wrong and it could just be space for all
  those automagic variables which live inside functions.  In fact, we
  should just call it "uninitialized data space".

 * Request:
 * Dave.



#undef AUTHOR	/* " (Charlie Root)" */

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