Subject: NCR driver ** AGAIN **
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Charlie Root <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/14/1995 16:43:33
Hi All,

I am really starting to get ticked off by this prob., so any help
would be mighty appreciated.

Our NetBSD-current box broke again last night, and this time my
colleague managed to freeze up the screen while attempting a reboot,
so I now have the whole message that previously has scrolled very
rapidly up the screen so I could not read it.

For those of you not following the story - every so often (randomly
- no heavy loading or stuff) the box goes apeshit and spits with an
NCR driver assert error.  This neccesitates a cold boot - warm boots
hang when the boot sequence gets to the second number in the 
8768765+874543874+9874654... sequence at boot. (Can someone tell me
what these numbers are?  Is the second one swap? Am I stupid?)

The system is:

Pentium PCI 90 MHz 32Meg RAM
NCR PCI Fast SCSI-II Controller
Quantum Capella VP32210 2.1Gb Fast SCSI-II Hard Drive
2 SMC PCI Ethernet cards
Diamond Stealth SE PCI Graphics card
2 x COM
1 x LPT

NB: This type of HDD is being used by at least one other person
without problem. (Someone out there mentioned it in the last week or


NetBSD-current (1.1_ALPHA) Oct-19-1995 snapshot.


assertion "cp" failed: file "../../../../dev/pci/ncr.c, line 5494"
sd0(ncr0:0.0): COMMAND FAILED (4 28) @f86d7400