Subject: Re: UPS hookup
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/12/1995 18:25:42
> > The last that I heard about it (over a year ago) was that you had to
> > sign an NDA with APC before they would let you peek at the control-
> > code command set for the Smart-UPS line.
> Still the same, as far as I know.  I obtained the information under NDA
> about 4 months ago.  The NDA terms are *quite* reasonable as far as

This presents a problem for all the folk who have asked for my shell
script that monitors my Smart-UPS... its a shell script so nothing is

I got my info from 30 minutes with a protocol analyzer... :-)

I wasn't aware of the NDA stuff, but the fact that the protocol is
pretty simple and the fact that APC hid it in a big C prog suggests
they wouldn't appreciate others distributing a simpler tool to monitor
their UPSs.  That's why I'd not previously made my script available.

Also, several folk have asked about the serial connection.  The APC
docs claim that it is a non-standard cable and that a standard rs232
cable will not work.  I certainly found that plugging a terminal into
it had the effect of telling the UPS to power off!

So it may well be that you have to buy APC's s/w just to get the
correct cable.  Perhaps then they wouldn't mind you using a simple
shell script to monitor your UPS.

I'm afraid that for now, I'll have to sit on the script.