Subject: Re: MAXBSIZE should be MAXPHYS; a yes vote!
To: None <, rhealey@MR.NET>
From: Missing - presumed fed. <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/10/1995 10:00:27
If this is disk transfers we're talking here, I thought MAXPHYS maxed out at
63K (126 blocks) per transfer.

If not, wolf is blowing smoke again and you can go about your business :-)

#define AUTHOR " (Martin Cracauer)"

 * I found 32K to be sufficient for maximum performance on my
 * system. Whatever the reason to set it 16K was, maybe saving memory, it
 * should be reconsidered before setting this value to something
 * oversized.
 * 64KB, whihc is MAXPHYS on i386, BTW, break the current i386 port
 * (tested with sup 19951106).
 * Here are some numbers, this is sup19950927:
 * Setting MAXBSIZE to more that 16 K and up to 57K works and gives
 * the following bonnie results. The machine is P90, triton, NCR 810,
 * older barracouda 2 GB.

[ figures deleted ]

 * Martin

#undef AUTHOR	/* " (Martin Cracauer)" */

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