Subject: Re: UPS hookup
To: Simon J. Gerraty <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/1995 18:26:05
>>>>> "Simon" == Simon J Gerraty <> writes:

>> I want to hook up my shiny new UPS to my NetBSD machine. The nice
>> guys at APC pointed me to the Linux UPS-HOWTO page. But before I
>> spend even a moment working on porting evil Linux stuff, is there
>> any such thing already for BSD?

Simon> If the UPS in question is an APC Smart-UPS, then yes I have a
Simon> couple of shell scripts that I use to monitor my UPS and shut
Simon> my network of machines down.  Works a treat and should work on
Simon> just about any flavour of UNIX.

	We just got a number of BEST 'Fortress' UPS's here at work.
We also got the 'generic UN*X' kit from the manufacturer to support it
with software.  While there is a copyright in the code that they sent
us, they made it pretty clear that we were free to purchase one copy
and share it among the companies that we support.

	The program itself is reasonably simple.  If you're getting
the same kind of UPS, you may find that they don't mind you obtaining
a copy of the source code.  After all... it only helps them sell their


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