Subject: Re: what makes lost+found in NetBSD?
To: David Gilbert <>
From: After 5 PM please slip brain through slot in door. <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/08/1995 09:45:22
It has been pointed out that one could run out of inodes, and as much as
I credit that idea, it's a bogus thought.  When fsck is "reconnecting" an
inode, it doesn't need to allocate a new one.  The problem will be in
allocating new blocks/frags for directory entries, and it's almost
completely improbable that you'll be so hard up for frags that you can't
extend the directory.  If you don't have lost+found, it's more likely
that you'll not be able to because you don't have one whole block free
for the initial creation of the directory.

Sun hardware is great stuff.  It's too bad their software has taken
such a downturn.