Subject: Re: 1.1 386 Hardware
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Date: 11/08/1995 10:53:28
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> 	I think thats fair enough, If you can afford to buy more than 
> 16Meg of memory then you probably can afford to buy the right controllers.
> I only have 12M so my aha1542-CF has never been a problem.

This is not quite the whole story.  I can afford to by a Pentium
motherboard with an NCR SCSI controller, and in fact would like to,
but I can't afford to buy another 32 Megs of RAM.  Since the Pentium
data bus is 64 bits wide, no one builds Pentium motherboards that take
9-bit SIMMs, and I have 8 4x9Mb SIMMs.  Buying another 486 motherboard
would be a complete waste of money, since I'm obviously going to need
to get a Pentium at some point anyway, so that I'm not willing to do
that.  My current peformance limitation is not the CPU anyway, it is
the swapping.