Subject: Re: sendmail configuration
To: Greg Hudson <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/1995 09:15:49
Greg Hudson writes:
> The point is that, right now, if you install a NetBSD system out of
> the box and configure its network, mail to outgoing sites will work
> most of the time, but queued mail will sit around in the sendmail
> queue essentially forever without any retransmission attempts.

So run sendmail -q30m or something.

> > It's kind of a pity you can't just do a 'sendmail -send-only' and
> > have it just sit there processing the queue as needed, and have it
> > refuse in- coming connections

Of course you can. If you don't supply the -bd option, sendmail -qSomthing
will just process the queue.

> All such a sendmail process would do is sit there and try to delivery
> the queue every N minutes.  cron is perfectly good at initiating tasks
> every N minutes; there's no reason to have a sendmail process doing
> it.

Actually, I think its better to have the sendmail do it because it
assures on long mail queues that there is only one queue run going on
at a time. Queues can easily exceed half an hour processing time.