Subject: Re: sendmail configuration
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/02/1995 22:57:41
> * > Shouldn't sendmail do this if it's running as sendmail -bd -q30m ?
> * > (try to de-queue mails every 30 minutes)
> * 
> * Yes, but sendmail isn't turned on in the default /etc/netstart.  At
> * MIT, we don't turn on sendmail on our client machines, since all
> * incoming mail comes through the mail hubs.
>If you spool incoming AND outgoing mail to the mail hubs directly, then
>that makes sense, but even if you're going to be sending mail from
>a machine, you should start sendmail on it.
>It's kind of a pity you can't just do a 'sendmail -send-only' and have
>it just sit there processing the queue as needed, and have it refuse in-
>coming connections (if, as you say, everything gets routed through the
>mail hubs, and all the aliases and translations are set correctly).

Ummm, that's trivial.  Check out the "nullclient" feature of the sendmail
8 m4 configuration.

Any program that uses /usr/{lib|sbin}/sendmail to send mail works correctly;
mail gets punted to the central hub.

We don't run a sendmail daemon on the clients; once an hour we run
sendmail -q to catch any stray messages that didn't make it to the hub for
one reason or another.  Probably more efficient; sendmail isn't taking up
any RAM on your clients then.