Subject: Re: SUP time stamps
To: matthew green <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/02/1995 09:35:36
>   >So this morning Nov 1, I recompiled and installed the SUP from last night.
>   >Then I did another SUP to see if anything else had changed.
>   >SUP sent me a message saying it was resupping Changes since Oct 31 08:54
>   >I am on Easter Standard Time, so what don't I understand???
>   >Normally the time it tells me is the same as the time stamp on the files,
>   >right?
>did sup say it was "Updating" or "Receiving" the files ?  if it says
>that it is updating, it just means that sup is noting that this file
>is already upto date, *NOT* that it is downloading it again.  if it
>says it is receiving, then, it is actually downloading the file.  i
>just supped a couple of hours ago and i got everything updating, but
>very few receiving.

It's still a major bummer when sup updates everthing, because it takes almost
as long as it does to receive every file.