Subject: Re: Playing Audio CDs under NetBSD/sparc!
To: Neil J. McRae < (Rob Healey),>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1995 12:02:06
On Nov 1,  8:35am, Rob Healey wrote:
} 	In a commercial environment there is one more reason to use SunOS:
} 	Network lock management (or lack thereof)...
} 	I've been whining for well over a year on this point and noone thinks
} 	it important enough to work on in ANY of the free OS's... B^(.

     I don't think people consider it not important.  I asked about
this once and found that it is a very difficult, if not impossible
problem to solve.  The problem is that although NFS is speced quite
well, Sun never speced the file locking stuff, so every vendor did
their own thing.  I.e.  this machine, a VAX running Ultrix, can't lock
files on its NFS server, a sun3 running SunOS 4.x, even though both
machines are running lockd/statd.  The questions are do we do our own
implementation which might be incompatible with the world, or do we
follow one vendor's (or the host vendor's) implementation and how do
we find out the necessary information.

} 	NFS going on any of the Free OS's? Even something that would fake
} 	out the lock services at the risk of trashing files?

     This is out of the question.  I would consider this a malicious
and hostile OS.  An OS should never do anything behind the back of an
application to deliberately trash files.

}-- End of excerpt from Rob Healey