Subject: Re: Playing Audio CDs under NetBSD/sparc!
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Scott Bartram <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1995 13:24:19
> > It makes me very very happy to be able to announce that myself and 
> > Matthew Green, yesterday got audio cds to play from NetBSD/sparc. xmcd 
> > version-2 has NetBSD support and after creating the new cd devices
> > from MAKEDEV and selecting /dev/rcd0c I could play audio cds through my 
> > cd player! This was the last reason to use SunOS on a sparc in my opinion :-)
> > 
> 	In a commercial environment there is one more reason to use SunOS:
> 	Network lock management (or lack thereof)...
> 	I've been whining for well over a year on this point and noone thinks
> 	it important enough to work on in ANY of the free OS's... B^(.
> 	Many commercial apps, right or wrong, REQUIRE lockd and statd
> 	functions in order to fire up; they insist on kernel locking the file(s)
> 	they are working on. Without lockd/statd NetBSD and the other
> 	Free OS's can't be used as commercial servers which is one
> 	area they would REALLY shine.
> 	Has anybody looked in to getting kernel lock management over straight
> 	NFS going on any of the Free OS's? Even something that would fake
> 	out the lock services at the risk of trashing files?
> 		-Rob

I looked into it about a year ago. Since I was only doing it for fun, I
stopped when I realized how much $ it would cost to purchase the XOpen NFS
specs. As far as I know (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), the XOpen
specs are the only *public* documentation of the locking protocol. RFC1813
only describes the changes between NLM version 3 and version 4.

If anyone wants to start an effort to work on this, count me in.