Subject: Re: Playing Audio CDs under NetBSD/sparc!
To: Neil J. McRae <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1995 08:35:30
> It makes me very very happy to be able to announce that myself and 
> Matthew Green, yesterday got audio cds to play from NetBSD/sparc. xmcd 
> version-2 has NetBSD support and after creating the new cd devices
> from MAKEDEV and selecting /dev/rcd0c I could play audio cds through my 
> cd player! This was the last reason to use SunOS on a sparc in my opinion :-)
	In a commercial environment there is one more reason to use SunOS:

	Network lock management (or lack thereof)...

	I've been whining for well over a year on this point and noone thinks
	it important enough to work on in ANY of the free OS's... B^(.

	Many commercial apps, right or wrong, REQUIRE lockd and statd
	functions in order to fire up; they insist on kernel locking the file(s)
	they are working on. Without lockd/statd NetBSD and the other
	Free OS's can't be used as commercial servers which is one
	area they would REALLY shine.

	Has anybody looked in to getting kernel lock management over straight
	NFS going on any of the Free OS's? Even something that would fake
	out the lock services at the risk of trashing files?