Subject: Re: missing gas config files on
To: Mike Long <>
From: Brian Moore <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1995 01:00:06
Unfortunately, the problem with is not with forgetting to
use the -o option with sup.  I have the old option in the supfile I use just to
avoid this type of problem.  The real problem is that I haven't been able to
get a sup to finish without errors for the past couple of days.  Here's the
error I get now:

SUP Receiving file NetBSD-1.0/i386/floppies/kcaha-10.fs
SUP: Read error on network: Connection reset by peer
SUP: Network write timed out
SUP: Error in receiving NetBSD-1.0/i386/floppies/kcaha-10.fs

SUP: Upgrade of mirror-all aborted at Oct 31 20:16:08 1995

Could somebody make sure that something isn't wrong with kcaha-10.fs on  It always seems to die at about 1052672 Bytes.  Is still sick?  In any case, I ftp'd down the non-zero length 
files so at least they are fixed.  

Thanks for catching this,
Brian Moore

> There are some files in's mirror of the source tree
> that are 0-sized, when the same files are not 0-sized in
>'s tree.  All of the affected files are under
> /BSD/NetBSD/NetBSD-current/src/gnu/usr.bin/gas/config:
> tc-ns32k.[ch]
> tc-sparc.[ch]
> tc-tahoe.[ch]
> tc-vax.[ch]
> te-dpx2.h
> te-generic.h
> Gas won't build on *any* port without te-generic.h (which is how I
> noticed the problem; I run i386) and some ports will have problems
> building gas without the appropriate tc-*.[ch] files.
> All FTP/sup mirrors should run 'sup -o' instead of 'sup' regularly to
> prevent this sort of thing....
> The following files are 0-length on *both* repositories:
> tc-mips.[ch]
> tc-rs6000.[ch]
> Does NetBSD/pmax not use the version of gas that's in the tree?
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