Subject: None
To: Mike Long <>
From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/31/1995 15:45:04
>The following files are 0-length on *both* repositories:
>Does NetBSD/pmax not use the version of gas that's in the tree?

No, it doesn't.  I don't expect the ancient versions of gas (and ld,
and gdb) in the NetBSD tree ever *will* support mips prorcessors,

A.out does not and (AFAIK) never has properly supported GP-relative
addressing.  I don't know of any mips compiler that can function
without gp-relative addressing.  (I once hacked up a version of gcc
2.6.3 that came close, but it never compiled all the floating-point
library code correctly.)

The intersection of *all* the platforms on which NetBSD runs, and the
unique versions of the GNU-derived toolchain that support *all* those
platforms with sufficiently few bugs, may in fact be the empty set.