Subject: Re: Recent SUP failures
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/31/1995 10:25:49
>Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 23:13:38 -0500

>SUP Receiving file src/bin/ed/test/l.d
>SUP: Invalid message count -1
>SUP: Error in receiving src/bin/ed/test/l.d

>It gets stuck on a different file each time.  I've tried it with two
>different binaries, one compiled under NetBSD-current-Apr-7, one
>compiled under NetBSD-current-Sep-30 (the last time I successfully
>supped).  Same thing happens on both.

Something funny happens with 0-length files; I had many problems with
0-length files under src/bin/ed/test and src/distrib/sets/lists.  I
got around them with careful use of 'ls -lT' on and
touch(1).  Another option is sup's 'refuse' file.

>I also tried deleting the when.allsrc and last.allsrc files, since I
>have to redownload everything anyway.  No change.

Use -o!  Use -o!  Use -o!  (or 'old' in your supfile; see sup(1).)

Another thing I do to minimize sup lossage is to slice up the tree
into as many collections as possible.  For instance, instead of
supping allsrc, I ask for:


Hence, if sup chokes in src, I won't have to get ksrc again.  I also
prioritize them roughly as shown, so that I have the option of leaving
the later, less important collections for another day if sup chokes.
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