Subject: domain names (?)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: VaX#n8 <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/1995 23:55:20
I've been noticing the number of programs which require a DOMAIN_NAME
defined.  As a SLIP user with dynamic IP allocation, I'm having a bit of
trouble with setting hostnames properly - and since I may be changing
domains soon, I'm wondering the real value of this.

Given that IP only has names for interfaces, rather than machines,
I'm wondering how useful having a static hostname/domainname is.
Shouldn't a program (for example, ncftp or tin) raelly be checking which
interface's name is, rather than asking for some static value.

I'm having problems talking to some SMTP servers when my hostname is
"localhost", for example.  I chose "localhost" since I was having problems
due to sendmail caching the names across a change of hostnames (and
thereby having and invalid name for it's address).

Is anyone interested in developing some kind of standard handling for
such situations (i.e. periodic change of location, link status, etc.)

If you'd please email responses to me (as well as list), I'd appreciate
it since I've unsubscribed temporarily until I get my new email address.
Sorry if ths message is disjointed, I'm watching MST3k with my other CPU.
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