Subject: Re: Exabyte tape drive, anyone?
To: None <>
From: Kim Andersen <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/1995 01:08:39
> Has anyone got an Exabyte 8mm tape drive working under -current?  I've
> got one that panics as soon as the driver tries to execute 
> st_mode_select().
I'm using an Exabyte EXB8200  on -current (i486), without problems.

> I'm guessing that there's some special quirkdata that needs to be set for
> this beast, (the Exabyte section of quirkdata in st.c is disabled by an
> #if 0 ... #endif) but I don't know the details.
I only have to adjust the quirkdata in order to read tapes written on a
SystemV machine.

> Also, can anyone enlighten me on the differences between rst0, erst0, 
> nrst0, and enrst0?  Thanks.

rst0 -> rewinding
erst0 -> rewinding, eject
nrst0 -> nonrewinding
enrst0 > nonrewinding, eject