Subject: Re: #ifdef __i386 in usr.bin/eject
To: Boris Nikolaus <>
From: Callum Gibson <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/26/1995 10:40:37
Boris Nikolaus writes:
:-)> ttyp1:<woods@most> # eject -d
:-)> eject: default device is "/dev/rfd0c"
:-)>   BUGS
:-)>      There should be a way to change the default  on  a  per-user
:-)>      basis.
:-)How about a file /etc/default/eject, similar to /etc/default/tar? This
:-)wouldn't support per-user defaults for eject, but it's better than
:-)hard coded nicknames.

Well, then we might as well have that augmented by an evironment variable
EJECT_DFLT which you can set to ~/.eject (ala TERMCAP).

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