Subject: Re: i386 boot blocks no longer work?
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Gary D. Duzan <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/25/1995 17:46:36
In Message <> , (Rob Healey) wrote:

=>	Tried to use boot blocks created from Oct. 22 sup and all I
=>	got were boot loops right after the sector was loaded from
=>	the floppy. disklabel'd some old boot blocks on to the floppy
=>	and things worked fine.
=>	Anybody sucessfully use the x86 boot blocks lately? Tried on a
=>	couple of generic PC's all had the same result.
   I just booted off them this morning. Of course, they wouldn't
make properly without fixing the Makefile so that libkern.o isn't
linked in. But with that done, I installed them to a floppy and it
came up without a hitch. This on a DECpc 466d2 MTE with 16MB, Adaptec
1740, S3-928 VLB.

                                      Gary D. Duzan
                         Humble Practitioner of the Computer Arts