Subject: Re: #ifdef __i386 in usr.bin/eject
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/25/1995 14:01:57
   [ On Mon, October 23, 1995 at 23:54:36 (GMT), Ty Sarna wrote: ]
   > Subject: Re: #ifdef __i386 in usr.bin/eject 
   > On the whole the eject program is nice, though. One good addition would
   > be to allow it to accept a mount point as an argument, so one could say
   > "eject /mnt" and have it eject the floppy or disk or whaveter was
   > mounted there.
   How about the SunOS-4.1.x usage:
   ttyp1:<woods@most> # eject -?
   eject: illegal option -- ?
   usage: eject -dfnq [ name | nickname ]
           options: -d  show default device
                    -f  force eject even if device is mounted
                    -n  show nicknames
                    -q  query for media present

i like how "eject" (no args) works under sunos.  i really wish
that it would under netbsd, also.  it just ejects the cdrom or
floppy (or both?  don't know)...


(hmm.  i'm not sure how this works with the -d, which, on my
4.1.4 box says it's the fd device..."whatever")