Subject: sup mirror problems, up-to-date again.
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Arne H. Juul <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/24/1995 16:31:59
Here's some information for people who are sup'ing off my sup-mirror
on  (or who might want to do so).

Because of changes in the sup-sets on versus
what was on sun-lamp, I managed to delete my libkvm sources.
These are now again in place, and the mirror is up-to-date
as of the last supscan mail I've got.

One snag though:  I'm using a two-stage process to ensure that
the sup mirror has consistent sources (all the sources are from
the same day at least).  Therefore I've been able to be a little
careful and I haven't updated all those timestamps every time
they've changed on  I'm planning of doing that
little by little so people sup'ing from my mirror won't need to
fetch everything in one pass.  The disadvantage is that you can't
swap easily between sup'ing from and the mirror.

I've made an extra release=supinfo subset that contains a README-file
with information about when the mirror was last completely and
successfully updated.  Get it by sup'ing:

current-mirror release=supinfo use-rel-suffix               old delete base=/usr prefix=/usr hostbase=/supmirror

Appended is the current contents of this README file.

 - Arne H. J.

	Last time the sup mirror was completely updated from
Tue Oct 24 12:06:13 GMT 1995

	This file contains meta-information about the sup mirror
currently on  If you have been supping from
us in the past but no longer do so you should probably delete it.
To get this file itself, use release=supinfo as a subset.

	This information file last updated:
Tue Oct 24 13:28:46 GMT 1995

	How to subscribe to the mailing list with information about
automatic mirror updates:
	echo 'subscribe supinfo' | mail

	Example sup file for supping (this is one long line):
current-mirror release=src use-rel-suffix               old delete base=/usr prefix=/usr hostbase=/supmirror

	Possible release= subsets on skarven:
allsrc doc tar_files	: the full set, if you've got a really good link.
ksrc			: kernel sources, with per-architecture subsets:
ksrc-alpha ksrc-amiga ksrc-hp300 ksrc-i386 ksrc-mac68k
ksrc-pc532 ksrc-pmax ksrc-sparc ksrc-sun3 ksrc-vax

src othersrc		: user-level sources. If you have a bad link,
			: don't get "src", get the split packages:
binsrc gnu games include libexec libsrc miscsrc regress
sbinsrc usrbinsrc usrsbinsrc sharesrc

bmake			: ad-hoc subset with only NetBSD make.

	For more information: mail or
directly to me,  <>.

-  Arne H. Juul  -  -  University of Trondheim, Norway  -