Subject: Re: Hesiod thoughts
To: Mike Long <>
From: Data In~rte~vgri}ity EnginNO CARRIER <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/23/1995 15:12:47
[I wrote a whole bunch of stuff about a -lhesiod kind of thing, to which
 the reply came: ]

#define AUTHOR " (Mike Long)"

 * What about binary packages?  Shared executables built on hesiod-based
 * systems wouldn't work on non-hesiod systems, unless the non-hesiod
 * system had a do-nothing* .  Shared executables built on
 * non-hesiod systems wouldn't load properly on hesiod systems, because
 * the hes_getpw* symbols would be unresolved.

A sharex built on a hesiod system would run fine because the non-
hesiod system would have a nop* as you surmised above.
Build on a non-hesiod system would also run fine if a nop libhesiod
were in place.

What I meant by "do-nothing" (in your words) was to have the hes_getpw*
stuff present as stubroutines, while I think you presumed that I would
not even have a libhesiod present or that the library would be totally

(egad!  What am I *doing*?)

Yow.  This is all starting to make the nsswitch stuff look more appealing
to the senses.
 * (This is all AFAIK, of course.)
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 * Mike Long <> 
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#undef AUTHOR	/* " (Mike Long)" */

Assignment:  Think about and expound upon the possibilities of these two 
questions.  What would the world be like today if
    a)  the Roman Empire had been defeated early on? (religious implications)
    b)  the Stock Market had not crashed? (economical/political implications)