Subject: Re: Hesiod thoughts
To: Thor Lancelot Simon <>
From: Missing - presumed fed. <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/23/1995 10:13:04
So why not just include the hesiod mods into getpwent() in such a way that
they call the hes_getpw* routines, which could be in a separate library?
If HESIOD is not defined, the hes_getpw* routines do nothing, i.e.

struct passwd *
hes_getpwnam() {
#ifdef HESIOD

This way, if anything changes to use the hesiod libraries, all one needs
to do is recompile the hesiod (shared) libraries, relink static binaries
and you're set?

Yes, I know there's a not-completely-trivial amount of work involved in
this, BUT it would certainly beat having to recompile libc in its entirety,
and it would mean that we could keep the getpw* routines.

Too much stuff out there uses the getpw* routines for us to just toss it
by the river and let it float away; if we're going to change something
like this, we need to make wrappers to handle the special cases.

Adding library link flags is something of a pain, and doesn't look entirely
elegant, but it does make it a bit more modular than would otherwise happen,
and since hesiod is the most concrete example NetBSD has of a potential
module -- or "package", if you prefer -- I'll take the extra flags over
"make lib" or "make world" any day.

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