Subject: Complaint Re. Sup Tomestamps
To: None <current@NetBSD.ORG, port-pc532@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Julian H. Stacey <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/22/1995 16:52:42
To those who run the supserver / CVS whatever  @ ...


I see the _entire current sup tree_ is being refetched :-( :-(
	( I sup off of,
	but a friend sups off the 'lamp replacement,
	& he's seeing the same thing )

I don't know if this total resup is because somebody decided to restamp all
the files or fiddle with all the headers, (like maybe putting in a pointless
header such as `released for V1.1' or some such ) ,
or perhaps a disc crash occured & nobody bothered to do backups ,
I don't really care, for whatever reason, it's a disaster !

I use a 14 K 4 modem, like lots of other people, 
& It's gonna take me a damn long time to sup that lot,
& it's going to cost me a lot in telecom charges  too :-(
	114,000,000	src/ in Meg
	* 8		bits/byte
	/ 14400		bit/sec
	/ (12 * 60 )	seconds per phone unit
	* 		.23 German pfennig/phone unit
	= 20 Deutsch Mark	or maybe ~ $13

Money I would much rather spend at a Pizza joint with a few beers included !

Well I'm not going to sup the whole damn thing in a few massive sessions:
- other people want to access my IP provider's modems too,
- there's 20 mins & 2 hour auto timeouts anyway,
- some body or thing at NetBSD central sup site might go berserk & restamp
  everything again, for all I know !

I'm going to continue starting sup every time I access the net (as usual),
& it'll take me a few weeks to get current ... 
unless some thing or one goes berserk again, & I have to start from zero again.

This is a great shame, I had wanted to do some work on my NetBSD PC532
(as did a friend too, who sups independently, but faces the same problem).

Now we have to forget NetBSD until 110 Meg comes over the modem (or perhaps
a `mere' 25 Meg if there's a tarball out there .. )
Meantime, as I run both an i486 with FreeBSD, & a PC532 with NetBSD,
I'll just spend all my time with FreeBSD, till my NetBSD tree has caught up
with the major disturbance some NetBSD thing or person has inflicted.

Please Please avoid any such future major disruptrion !  Thanks !

PS  I don't subscribe current, just pc532@netbsd , so leave me on the CC line.

Julian H. Stacey      EMAIL:  WEB: