Subject: Hesiod thoughts
To: Thor Lancelot Simon <>
From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/22/1995 18:45:17
I don't agree that getpwent() cannot be implemented on top of Hesiod.
(I also don't accept dynamically updating a local master password file
with a passwd entry for each Hesiod login.)

We could document a BUG (or restriction) that the DNS server for a
NetBSD Hesiod client must allow zone transfers to all ``local''
machines (i.e., machines using Hesiod for password services). The
NetBSD library could then implemenent getpwent() and friends by
transferring a zone and iterating over the data in the transferred
data.  (It'd probably require some additional hackery of the Hesiod
configuration to ensure that the desired zone name can be computed by
the clients.

It's not pretty or elegant, but I think it *can* be made to work.

I'd also be very, very unhappy if tcsh ceases to work.  I assume tcsh
uses getpwent() to cache tilde-completion of home directories.

Lastly, which of POSIX, ANSI C, and X/Open require getpwent() friends?
Is it really feasible to deprecate it?