Subject: Re: Will the REAL sup path PLEASE stand up?
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/11/1995 13:48:15
So says (Rob Healey):
>	Also, any chance you could tweek up the number of allowed simultaineous
>	sups for a week or two? It's obvious by now sup is pretty dumb and
>	when the source was moved to the file stamps were
>	changed such that EVERYONE gets to refetch the whole source tree... B^(.

In light of the banner that comes up when you ftp to,
it seems that it should be able to handle quite a few connections:

230- NetBSD/i386-1.1 83MHz P24T/40M RAM/12G disks/2G tape/DEC21040/Mach64
230- Connected to the Internet via a 45Mbps T3 courtesy of:
230-     BEST Internet Communications, Inc (

Huh!  A T3 is a lot of courtesy.  I wish I knew someone that nice.  ;-)
(What exactly is a P24T, anyway?)

Of course, I don't know what else that machine and T3 are used for.
We are guests, after all.  There's probably real work going on there
or something... :)

-- monroe
Monroe Williams