Subject: SUP problems.
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Out of his mind <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/10/1995 17:18:00
I seem to have to aggree with all thos aggravated here. I have both SUP
and FTP problems (I can't get sys.tar.gz without having a dropped
connection on, and it is getting painful, as I need to get
the full set of files and *can't*!

The patches sent me by another HP/UX user have been applied, so SUP is 
working as it should. However, there are still the following problems, as 
I have stated before, that are driving me up the wall.

(1) is *dropping connections*. I have verified this with
    a network probe; for some reason, on long connections, it is terminating
    the connection (causing sup to say 'Error receiving end of message' and
    abort completely). This is happening consistently with the 'src' release,
    as it is the largest of the bunch.

(2), we know what's going on there. Or do we? The
    system is seemingly not responding--sup doesn't even report what the
    connecting problem is (this could be the fault of bad documenting in
    sup, but I don't know). It just recycles and tries again. And again.
    And again, ad nauseum.

I think there are some priorities here before 1.1 goes out the door... 
there are some people that really want to upgrade, but what will happen to
the NetBSD reputation when the -current sites aren't updated, or working
for that matter?

My apologies for the flame mood of this post. I've not had a good
day...but the sup problems have been most of that hair-pulling.

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