Subject: Re: Frustrated with
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/10/1995 18:56:49
> 	The machine that I'm running NetBSD on will be off the net for
> a few weeks soon (by the end of this week for sure).  I have been
> trying as often as possible to get a sup to work.  Although I know of
> sup mirror sup sites, they don't seem to have updated either.  Does
> anybody know something concrete about uptime or a good alternative to

Well I too am 'very' frustrated with BUT the
unimaginable has happened I actually have a connection to running at the moment....
	BUT it's been running for over 15 hours and it's
only half way through.... (well it's at sys/arch/atari at the moment.)

If and only if it lasts (for the next 12 hours.), then
I'll be uptodate (with a lag for 26 hours.) to current by
tomorrow 8.00. Note that until supscan has run it won't
help connecting earlier, also note my 'hostbase' is /mit/ftp/pub/NetBSD
and NOT /a/anon_ftp etc.

PS I will put 'YES' in /etc/ftpwelcome when it works so 
don't waste time before then.
PS2 For some reason everything has a timestamp of Sep.30 or
later on (maybe that was the crashed disk.)
The cost of living hasn't affected it's popularity. (unknown)
current	release=doc \ "NetBSD-current mirror"
hostbase=/mit/ftp/pub/NetBSD base=/usr prefix=/usr backup delete use-rel-suffix