Subject: Re: Suggestions for easing 1.1 i386 installations
To: Simon J. Gerraty <sjg@ZEN.VOID.OZ.AU>
From: Head Anarchy Conquest Knight Esquire of the Realm <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/10/1995 09:29:17
#define AUTHOR "ghudson@MIT.EDU (Greg Hudson)"

 * > It would be a big win if the user could say how many Mb they want
 * > for each partition and the install script round that out to the next
 * > cylinder boundary.  Not sure about anyone else, but I find computers
 * > are better at math than I am :-)
 * A few comments:
 * 	* This empirically isn't hard to do (not that you'd suspect it
 * 	  would be).  We have a NetBSD/i386 installation procedure at
 * 	  MIT (highly tailored to our environment), and it uses
 * 	  megabyte measurements.  We don't even bother to round up to
 * 	  the next cylinder boundary (is there really an advantage any
 * 	  more?), but that would be an easy addition.

The advantage is that you don't get messages like "Cannot allocate full
cylinder in last cylinder group" or some such when you newfs a partition.

#define PLUG
I should post my disk partition calculator one of these days -- it will
figure out cyl -> (raw, FFS) MB, FFS MB -> cyl and raw -> cyl mappings.
The FFS mappings are accurate to less than 1%.
#undef PLUG


#undef AUTHOR	/* "ghudson@MIT.EDU (Greg Hudson)" */

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