Subject: international release of netbsd 1.1
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/10/1995 12:04:11
[ Sent to current-users because there isn't a relevant "release"
  mailing list. Maybe there should be. ]

With the immanent release of NetBSD 1.1, I feel there needs to be some
co-ordination with regards to getting international support for the
export restricted sections of the NetBSD source.

For NetBSD 1.0 I managed to get the security kits for source, and i386 &
sparc binary built and made available on my NetBSD mirror machine.
Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that Australia is limited by similar
export restrictions as the USA, and so I couldn't export the code :(

What I feel needs to be done on this issue before NetBSD 1.1 is released

1. set up a "release" or "release-1.1" mailing list on,
   for all parties interested in testing and mirroring the release.

2. obtain access to a machine (possibly in Europe), that can be the
   "master" for international security kits. Possibly provide a CNAME
   called "" (a la

3. find non-US/Australian volunteers to write international equivalents
   for the code in src/domestic. For the stuff in -current that was
   obtained from FreeBSD, the code could be obtained from the
   appropriate FreeBSD international code sites

4. get volunteers from non restricted countries to compile up the
   security kit for each architecture

5. ensure that the "advertised" MIRROR sites outside of America mirror (c.f. 3 above) into the relevant
   sections of their ftp/sup trees. Note that I can mirror this
   machine into Australia, I just can't export it out again :(

On a non-security related release issue, maybe the MIRRORS file
(and/or the associated page on could be broken up on
a country by country basis, to assist people in finding a "close" site
to themselves.

Luke Mewburn <>

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