Subject: Re: Friggin Pink Nightmare
To: Erik M. Theisen <>
From: Greg Spiegelberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/09/1995 23:35:19
--After upgrading my NetBSD-1.0 box to Current (Oct 1), I began having 
--severe problems with my FFS filesystems.  Basically any moderately
--heavy disk activity (read/write) caused random, unprovoked,
--filesystem corruption.  After fighting with the damn box for 3 days,
--the corruption became so severe that I lost the root, usr, and 
--usr/src filesystems forcing me to regress back to my 1.0 setup.

Oddly enough, this sounds exactly like the problems I had before I
switched to linux (though I'm getting back into BSD as we speak :).

At first I attributed my pains with a Cyrix 486dx-33 chip I had at
the time though buying a 486dx2-66i didn't solve the problem but
fsck did work a bit faster. :)  I also tried a couple patches I've
since lost for the kernel and they didn't work.  Then I figured it
might be that my SCSI card wasn't setup right (AHA152x/AIC6260 w/
BIOS) and tested it with a borrowed 1542 and it worked fine.

Now I'm not saying it's the 152x driver that's flakey.  It's entirely
possible there are bad AIC-6260/6360 chips or that my specific controller
is soooooo 3rd party they screwed something up, or even that it's a
VLB 152x and the driver didn't allow for that.

I'll just say what I've said and let the chips fall where they may.

My 2 sense.

Greg "TwoTone" Spiegelberg

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